Are Word Press Widgets Evil?


I miss the days when 20th Century adults ran stuff.  They might have arranged a writing platform in a logical manner and explained it to you in a way you could understand.

But back to reality.  Word Press looks professional and does better than much of the competition, but like all web platforms, we the users are essentially teaching ourselves to drive.  Like everything online, abbreviations, symbols, and murky jargon appear where I would have preferred plain language.  Options for operating my blog seem to be placed randomly.  Looking for the one I want feels like trying to find a soup spoon in the kitchen of someone I don’t know who has Alzheimers.  This is on top of every other service I use online which is like searching a different kitchen of a different person with Alzheimers.

Nevertheless, except for fighting with the photos I try to place in my  articles, I was having a pretty good run until I tried to add some widgets to my home page.  They would have offered my readers an index of categories and a link to recent comments.  Adding these options seemed very complicated.  It didn’t turn out like I wanted.  I decided to remove them, but that didn’t seem possible.  After a lot of tries, they seemed to be gone.  Whew!  Are Word Press widgets possessed?  I’ll leave that to you to decide.  Adding them sure seems to be above my pay grade for now.

It’s possible that some of these problems are because I’m working off a phone or some other technical issue on my side.

Overall Word Press has been a positive for me, but I felt the need to vent about the stuff that wasn’t working.


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