Review: Cappello’s Grain Free Pepperoni Pizza

In the past year and a half I’ve been challenged by grain allergies. I looked for a grain-free pizza in the freezer at Whole Foods. One choice contained sorghum, amaranth and teff. I wondered if those ingredients would be too much like wheat, contain phytic acid or gluten-like compounds. Cappello’s Grain Free Pepperoni Pizza contained arrowroot flour as its only starch so I went with that. Only after I ate the pizza did I notice that eggs are the main ingredient in the crust. It seems like they are hiding the fact that this is a Paleo product.

Eggs are a common allergen that people don’t expect to find in pizza, especially hypo-allergenic pizza.  Cappello’s needs to be more forthcoming about that and that this is a Paleo product.

The crust contains coconut and honey. I found these flavors to be invasive in a pizza crust. My oven is old, so maybe that caused a problem, but the crust was soggy. It was really far from a normal crust. The topping ingredients were traditional, and possibly fresh and natural, but overall the flavor wasn’t that great.  It was a little more acidic than average.  There could have been less oregano than normal.  “Natural flavoring” appears on the ingredients list.  That’s not good because it can be MSG or something else unnatural.  Health food people don’t like to see that term.  Last but not least, there wasn’t that much pepperoni.


The directions said to place the pizza on the bottom oven rack. I found that to be confusing. Did they mean moving the rack to the bottom position just over the heating element?  I settled on using the bottom rack where it was.

I wouldn’t buy this product again. I’m not on a Paleo diet. It did seem like it might be fairly pure though.

If you know of a good grain free pizza, let me know.

Ingredients for Cappello’s Gluten Free Grain Free Uncured Pepperoni Pizza


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