Part consumer rant, part meditation on the modern world

photo credit: Pixabay

[written in Summer of 2018.]

Just got stuck in a thing today, consumer thing, expands exponentially. 8:30 am to 1:50 pm. Fuck you _______ . Fuck you very much _________ empire.

Today’s adventure can be conceptualized as a maze or city landscape with a rational-seeming white male figure, beckoning me behind corners in a dense city landscape like Jerusalem only more modern, guiding me to do stuff, like there’s a path or a scavenger hunt. He seems vague and not quite materialized. In following him I end up being subtly thrown off. Actions that should bring a resonance seem in retrospect to have been robbed of that. Sooner or later it becomes clear that a series of experiences, settings and shadowy figures all seem centrally controlled. They have once again taken your day by seeming to offer sustenance, a path for your anger, a promise of hope or just a place to communicate with your fellow citizens. Strangely you can no longer really believe that your fellow humans are present in this landscape. You wonder if you are either, or present in your life, your presence having been stolen by their maze. That was its purpose. My God, a whole day stolen by their low functioning crumbly software. App that you fuckfaces. Fuck ___________ too, while you’re at it. Feel like I’m not really breathing. Feel like they’re wanting all of us to be only as present as a middle-aged, pear-shaped white male office nerd, distending ourselves, extending our presences from our bodies into their made up worlds, learning rules they will constantly change, that are not real.

photo credit: Pixabay

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