Cable/Internet: I remember a few years ago


I could turn my TV off by hitting one button on my remote instead of four.

Basic broadcast cable had 80 channels but seemed to have more stuff worth watching than 2000 basic digital channels.

My cable box didn’t make clicking noises when I changed the channel.

Amazon had complete lists of ingredients for the food and supplements they sold.  Lots of other places did too.

Amazon had large excerpts of the books it sold so you could tell if the author knew how to write before you bought the book.

I don’t remember porn channels appearing on my cable menu, or a lot of other channels I don’t subscribe to.  I know I didn’t have to wade through 1000+  unavailable channels to channel surf.

I could get the “Menu” option on my TV remote to work all the time.

DuckDuckGo wasn’t super slow.

I could access You Tube through DuckDuckGo using my regular phone connection, albeit at a lower resolution.  Worked just fine for audio.


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