Successful shopping trip but . .

.  .  . should not have eaten chocolate covered cherries at midnight. Awake ’til morning.  No carbs at dinner due to allergies, made me eat sugar .  .  . Now, missing sleep, not making it to Chinatown to get meds. Sleep deprivation mode. Yesterday was perfect until I ate those cherries–dark chocolate. Just going to have a few which is already dicey. Ate more cause hungry . . . cause over two hours of shopping . . . cleaned out kitchen supply store, pepper grinder cost $25.00, but what the hell. Saw movie, had steak and mashed potatoes, ate Christmas candy, shopped at upscale health food store, successfully used electronic gift certificate, made it out last minute store was open. Nice strong employee helped put groceries, wheelchair etc. in car. Whew. Made it home, got stuff into apt. tied to wheelchair with shoe string and hair clips. Went perfectly. Put stuff away. Made dinner, then . . .

Almost perfect day. Aargh.

Cherries. Chocolate covered cherries. Carb deprivation. Aargh. Bad decision. Regret. Regret. Regret.

Too tired from shopping to photograph new purchases artistically for blog. #NotAMillennial     Already “unboxed” and in kitchen. Soon will be probably used for actual cooking, household tasks. I can say that my Twist Tie Dispenser does make me feel superior to other humans.

Tired, but up to a point, yesterday was a really good day.  Thanks to the Divine and all those who helped me.

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