So this 8 foot praying mantis appears in this guy’s room

extra terrestial insectoid alien giant praying mantis
photo credit: Josch13 at Pixabay

Last night Coast to Coast radio featured the story of artist Stuart Davis.  He said that an eight foot praying mantis appeared at the foot of his bed in 2010.  He had a high fever and was meditating.  He had asked to meet his spirit guides.  The mantis appeared, wearing a purple robe.  At some point it downloaded the plot of a movie into his head, which he says he later wrote up and sold.  Other people who have had unusual praying mantis encounters called in.  Another guy reported a giant praying mantis at the foot of his bed taking a “core sample” whatever that was.   The original guy and his associates see regular praying mantises everywhere now.  One appeared at a funeral bearing the soul of the deceased and crawled up the widow’s [?] skirt.

There are hints that the giant praying mantises might be extra-terrestrials.

I’ll stick with butterflies.


Below is a description of the show from the Coast to Coast website.  You could access the episode from there but you’d have to join and pay about six dollars for a month’s membership.

Below is an audio account of the story made by Stuart Davis:


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