A Blog Is Born!

This is where I am sharing my progress/struggles in creating this blog.

Recent accomplishment:

20181120_121030My menu icon now displays post categories when you touch it!  It only took many hours over several weeks, and two new wrinkles.  Cryptic language/screens displays were one reason.  There seemed to be no option to remove particular categories other than doing the whole thing over. Aargh! The process felt like when you are trying to pull your head through an impossibly tight garment.  Grrrr!

Now there are Categories.

Some of these problems could be due to issues with technology on my side.

P.S. Did you see how I put a shadow border on the screenshot of my blog categories?  Like it was nothing? Using the software in my phone like a millennial?

I could have done these things to the screenshot. ⬇️



And then I spent half an hour making this collage to show you that.

I’ve relearned how to learn.  I unlearned the process where you receive knowledge handed down by brilliant people over six millennia and learned to randomly stab at buttons on a screen.

At this rate, I will surpass you by the time I am a hundred and you are eighty-five in a nursing home.

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