I Bought A Purse!

Shopped for one to two years for a purse, off and on. The stuff I encountered in stores seemed random, unworkable and sometimes cost $300. Do you want a hippy bag with a fringe? That’ll be several hundred dollars please.

Years ago you used to be able to find a well-made leather bag for less than a hundred dollars. It would feel right, work, and maybe have good pockets. Then things changed. For instance, the same people who designed purses before would have a made place for your phone now. There’s a lot more vinyl now, especially at low-end stores. It’s not the same, but I do need something lighter now . . .

A certain large department store seems to order their merchandise randomly and affix prices the same way, possibly hoping someone will be desperate enough to pay $70 for that polyester scarf. Someone told me that suppliers basically buy space in department stores. I could believe that.

Yesterday I paid another visit to a discount store in my quest.

Remember those mini backpacks from the nineties? They all came through a vortex in time to this store.


In every color.

Here’s an example of a practical, workable bag a grown woman can use:


My current purse has been in double overtime.  It was mostly inside a backpack, but still:


Just when I thought it was hopeless, I found four purses. Whether I adjusted my standards or something else happened, it was appreciated. Whew! Hallelujah.

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