Word Press Disappears Your Posts If You Do This

I love having a blog.  It’s new and I only have a few readers, but I like seeing that someone viewed what I wrote and perhaps liked it or followed my blog.  I labored over my two latest posts, pressed “Publish,” and waited for the responses. Silence.  Further, my blog did not receive a single view in three days.  A Google search for “Word Press” and “no views” revealed that if you use more than fifteen categories and tags combined on a post it doesn’t appear in category or tag searches.

I looked into it and sure enough, I had used at least fifteen categories/tags on those posts.  I thought I saw a successful blogger using way more tags?

Word Press doesn’t warn you; just turns your posts invisible.  It would be better to warn us.  All my tags were relevant.  I’ll warn you.

Now the world (or the twelve people who read my blog) can know about my shopping trip and what I think is good music.


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