Tried to buy some food

I bought three items at a large food store. I had been given a gift certificate due to a prior problem there. Once this company was a proud place to work. Employees stayed there twenty to thirty years. Now, not so. There are about eight checkout stands but only two cashiers. “Eva” frequently has red eyes. She can make a simple transaction into a tangle of problems, so no.

I’ll call the other cashier “Newbie.” Newbie looks like the personalization of what this company has become; angry, stagnant, confused, and under-trained.

She seemed mad that I had a gift certificate. She demanded my loyalty card to go with it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. The certificate was only going to cover part of the transaction, but Newbie didn’t ask for the extra money I owed. No change was given either.

The receipt format was unusually confusing; a word and number salad. I asked what the total was. She grabbed my receipt and told me in an angry way that I had a credit left on my gift certificate, see. Cause apparently I’m stupid.

What I sorted out later was that she failed to scan the most expensive items, which were also physically the largest. I got $10 worth of food for free and was disrespected by an idiot. I then spent an hour stewing and writing about it.

Supposedly that store has a high theft rate, which they pin on customers. I now see other possibilities.

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