Baking grain free popovers and watching a Christmas movie


I was able to bake for the first time in years after a break due to physical and situational issues. Thank God! Made some grain free popovers. They’re not bad, or as I now regard any baked goods I can eat: crunchy golden brown heaven!


I’ve been watching an overlooked gem on TCM. Batchelor Mother is a 1939 Christmas movie directed by Garson Kanin, starring Ginger Rogers and David Niven.

Ginger Rogers in Batchelor Mother

The dialog is witty and way less stilted than most movies from the thirties. The story is well-written; the plot moves along. Felix Jackson and Norman Krasna were the writers. I don’t know if it’s the ultimate movie, but it’s nice to find a vintage Christmas story I haven’t already seen. The star power helps too. The version I saw was thankfully uncolorized.




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