Don’t buy Safeway Organics Grilled Grass-Fed Steak Fajita Bowl

I bought this frozen grain free meal for when I needed it, which was today. I ended throwing it away and going hungry. It didn’t look like the package. The meat didn’t look grilled; it looked chewed up and spit out. You could see why they would spit it out as it was too tough to eat. The vegetables were overcooked. The worst thing for me was that there was too much hot pepper. That made it inedible for me. Hot pepper, and secondarily, onion, tasted like the only seasonings. Fajitas should have more flavors. I used to make good ones. What is it with bombing people with hot pepper instead of getting the seasonings right? I’m not sure that it matters but this meal didn’t seem to have some kind of hidden MSG or chemicals in it.

I’m mad, ripped off and hungry. I have a lot to do and I was counting on this meal.


One thought on “Don’t buy Safeway Organics Grilled Grass-Fed Steak Fajita Bowl

  1. I totally agree. and the skins coming off the peppers are getting stuck in my mouth. I had the spinach squash chicken bowl yesterday. That was good but looked – literally – like a cow pie.

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