I didn’t like Aroy-D Thai Green Curry


I picked up this Thai green curry sauce at a grocery store. It was inexpensive. The ingredients seem clean; it was fresh, the coconut milk seems to be in good condition. I have no reason to believe it has hidden MSG or other chemicals. Thai food doesn’t usually have those things anyway. Unfortunately, it mostly just tastes like hot green peppers to me. The smell and taste of the other ingredients doesn’t really come through. The green color of the sauce might also be faded. I diluted it with to one part sauce and two parts water. It was still a little too hot for me but the color and other spices were even more faded.

Ingredients for Aroy-D Thai Green Curry Sauce

I am an American and I tend to find the hot pepper in Thai food too strong, but when diluted, I find the sauces too faded in color and lacking in other spices. I do love Thai food though. Maybe Thai chili peppers are just too strong for Americans. I have had Thai food that worked for me and it can be heaven. This product wasn’t for me.

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