LaMarca Prosecco is made by Gallo, & it’s bad

Prosecco is a sparkling white wine from Italy. LaMarca Prosecco, which is made by Gallo, appears in pretty bottles this time of year in stores in the US. “LaMarca” Prosecco is bad. The flavor has a sulphurous element to it as well a bitter, beer-like component. Waste of a pretty bottle.

About ten years ago, I bought what was then called “Selbach Reisling” in stores and restaurants. It was an awesome sparkling white wine; crisp and clean, neither too sweet or too dry. It was not expensive. That would be a good sparkling white wine if you can find it.

About 40 liquor brands you commonly encounter at supermarkets and drugstores in the US are actually Gallo brands. Most of them are bad. Exceptions: for me, Barefoot Rose is, suprisingly, not bad. It’s not sulphurous or metallic . When I tried it, Apothic Red Blend red wine had a rich berry taste. It was a little acidic for me, but perhaps ok for others.

Find out which liquor brands are really Gallo brands here:
A word of advice: screenshot this. Gallo no longer lists their brands on their own website.

They may not be on this list, but Sheffield Sherry, Fairbanks Sherry and E&J Brandy are Gallo brands too.

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