Do people with SUVs want to live in tiny houses?

and other thoughts upon waking up at 5 am

Live in a climate that historically was milder than San Diego, but it was just plain cold, 50’s or below? Getting these 5:00 am cold snaps seems to wake me up. Applied more bed covers and a knit cap. Looked at YouTube videos on a low speed connection. My YouTube feed was full of bullshit. How do you eliminate stuff from your feed? Do they really think people that drive SUVs want to live in tiny houses?

Some prominently featured people with a lot of views are full of it. “Video” of the inner earth was called out as part of a computer game. Lots of stuff on Antartica/inner earth is not clear or compelling. I found droning new agey crap especially irritating. What have chakras got to do with it?

When it started to get light I fell asleep again. I dreamed vivid dreams of a court held in a general store. The judge’s wife was walking around with a silky chicken and a wig to match. I woke up at 9:30.

Yesterday, I called someone to talk me into getting into an unheated pool. It worked. I did my swim and a lot of stretching. I had enough carbs cause I consumed two diet grain free pastas, some chocolate and a glass of red wine. I was feeling content. Glad I finally got the bedding I ordered. The day before yesterday I did some paperwork. Yeah!…

A few hours later. Just found out it took a company nine days to put some knee supports I needed in the mail. They claim they have a warehouse full of goods, but don’t have an electronic inventory. The only picture of their place is part of an office building. They said the manufacturer was an hour and a half drive away. It might be but twice they have taken a a week to get this item; nine days this time. Maybe they are trying to make a minimum order. They claimed if I ordered this item from the manufacturer instead of them, the manufacturer would charge a lot for fast shipping. It appears the upgrade would have been free. The medical supply company said they let their stock run low at the end of the year to avoid paying taxes. They said it would be the same everywhere. The manufacturer said they had hundreds of this item in stock. What liars. Warehouse faking: it’s a thing. Who knew? Why not drop ship? How stupid are these companies? Grrrrrrr. It’s a whole ‘nother level…

…For breakfast I made some grain free egg bread with sausage in it, herb tea and half a papaya. I did one of my physical therapy exercises. Pretty productive…Oh yeah, yesterday I got some magazines out of my apt. and car, and some stuff I’d been wanting to get rid of.

SUV picture by dimitrisvetsikas1969 at Pixabay

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