Raging At Your Allies

Just read another disabled person raging at our “allies.”  She had a long list of instructions for them that didn’t make sense to me.  I am disabled.  I’m not sure exactly who these allies are but I wonder if their allegiance would withstand these outbursts.

A lot of well-meaning people would help a disabled person reach something on a store shelf, but as far as “allies,” I’m not sure there’s enough of those to comprise a category.  The people you meet at events about inclusion and disability would probably be understanding and say the right things, but how many of the non-disabled ones are laboring on our behalf on a regular basis?  Partners and family members of disabled people have their hands full.  Some do work on access issues, etc., but may not have a ton of extra energy for whatever.

I read a similar list by a transgendered person raging at their allies.

If you are in a minority group like the two above, I wouldn’t mistake the well-meaning people you meet at special events for an army of acolytes.  A list of enraged, unintelligible instructions for allies seems like it could be redirecting anger about life at the least scary target.





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