Grain Free Noodles

In the past two years I’ve been dealing with grain allergies.  Bean threads, also known as long rice or glass noodles, can be a grain free noodle. Read the ingredients because lately some of them contain rice or corn. I find this item in the Asian food section of grocery stores where I live. They may be available already cooked in Thai restaurants. That must be for a dish on the menu, but they might sell them to you plain as a take out item, if you are lucky.  I’ve also eaten plain cooked bean threads with a Thai meal in a Thai restaurant.  They went pretty well with Thai food.  If you can get a Thai restaurant to sell you plain cooked bean threads as a side, they are doing you a favor.

When cooking these at home the cooking instructions on the package may be inaccurate.  I rinse them thoroughly, soak in room temperature water for a while (15 minutes or more?), bring to a low or medium boil and simmer until translucent and soft, but not mushy.  This may take longer than stated on the package.  Having a colander made of screen is useful for draining.

These noodles go best with Asian food but I’ve eaten them with spaghetti sauce.  Was it great?  No, but it I’ve done it a number of times.


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