What is happening to Pixabay?


Pixabay is a website where photographers offer their pictures hoping to get donations.  Lately when I search for photos on some words I come up empty.  Some pictures that were there before aren’t there now.  I had just gotten to a point where Pixabay was easy for me to use.  It’s possible photographers don’t find it profitable.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for the price of a cup of coffee to use a photograph, but when you use a picture for every post on a little-seen blog you write for free, a dollar a picture makes more sense.  Having  membership and payment options that appeal to privacy conscious people could help.  Why does everyone seem to need my email, for instance?  One reason I hesitate to buy or join things online is that everyone misuses your contact info such as by sending numerous unnecessary emails. Some online entities are not what they appear to be. How can you require the lowest level of effort, information sharing or commitment from consumers but enable them to pay photographers easily?  Would marking the photos unobtrusively with the name of the photographer at Pixabay be helpful?

I looked into Shutterstock, a paid picture source which has excellent selections.  I don’t remember if they had a viable option for amatuers.  They probably didn’t.

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