Alternatives To Traditional Care For People In Crisis

Lately, I’m learning that a lot of mental health consumers in the UK are unhappy with what happens to them in a crisis. People in this state deserve help that is kind, competent and adequately funded.  Some patient activists in the US are pioneering new responses to those in crisis.

Things can change.  Emergency room visits and hospitalizations are expensive.  Anything that reduces costs may be adopted.

If you are in the UK and you don’t like the services for people in crisis, consider letting the people who can change this know how you feel.

Who is in power over these services?

What is their contact information?

Activists from the patient-led Recovery Learning Center of Western Massachusetts in the US are leading the way in crafting a new response to people in crisis. They are also trained counselors who have have been suicidal. They eliminate coercive elements and just support the consumer. They explain their methods and philosophy in this video. I hope the notes below are accurate?

Technically the video is not impressive, but the thoughts are. It’s also slow ( 1 1/2 hours), so this may help:

around 5 minute mark, it begins in earnest

11 minute mark “What is your experience as opposed to what is wrong with you?”

16 minute mark “non-assessment model”
[I hate “assessments”]

22 minute mark “myths about suicide”

49 minute mark “example of using what
happened to you as opposed to what’s wrong with you in Ruta Mazelis work with self harmers”


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