Patients Critique Care For People In Crisis & Do It Themselves

Some patients in the US have reimagined care for those in crisis, and are implementing their ideas. These two peer counselors were each hospitalized multiple times due to wanting to end it all. Their critique of the current system and “risk assessment” is brilliant.

They are Lisa Forestall and Caroline White from the patient led Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Center in the US. The program they work for is called Alternatives to Suicide. It looks like they were flown to Australia to present an their knowledge to some medical personnel.

Here are some notes:

4:00 minute mark
critique of “risk assessment”
don’t want dialog to become assessment

6:44 “risk assessment tools don’t actually work very well” Says accurate 50% of the time.

22:00 pro’s never asked patient w/ multiple attempts what was wrong.

25:00 “suicide is a social justice issue”

28:00 critiques isolating suicidal person and their experiences from surroundings…


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