Didn’t feel like being sober

Crown Royal ✔ 

and diet Sprite✔?

instead of Sierra Mist

It’s the Apocalypse.

Earlier I made my way out to a nice neighborhood to get some outdoor time.  I had just settled in in a private green space when I hear a cop speaking from a loud speaker, “You have to clear the area.”  Everyone was out enjoying themselves.  Some elderly people tried to reason with him.  This kind of space was not included in the edict.

I called the police to talk to a superior officer because I believed the beat officer had misinterpreted the rules.  I got a call back from a sergeant.  It was the same guy.

I found somewhere else to get some outdoor time, keeping an eye out the whole time.  I feel bad I even called the cops to the private space years ago.    They didn’t even know about it.

I went food shopping then went elsewhere to get drinking materials and some ice cream.  I don’t want to be sober right now.

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