Personal Response To A Story In The News

According to TMZ, multimillionare Steve Bing died, 55.  Was depressed by Covid isolation, but it’s not clear if that contributed to his death.

Wow  .  .  .  they say he died, and left  hundreds of millions of dollars behind. Still healthy, still young.

Gone?  Jumped?  Money, health, privilege . . . .nonwithstanding?  Such heavy news.  Internet searches showed his grandfather disavowing and disinheriting Bing’s children, essentially, as bastards. Wow. And other shennanigans over money.

.  .  .  Wow.  I can’t . . .

The 55 year old movie star who is the mother of his son manages to appear regularly in the Daily Mail in near pornographic pictures.  For some reason.  She’s there today.   If that’s connected to money, when is it enough?  And the movie money?  She could have gotten money from Steve?  One story said he never met his son.  But he fought his grandfather’s trust from disinheriting his children?  And the thing with the daughter claimed and raised by the billionare who stole Bing’s dental floss to then prove Bing was the father.  So, he was a superrich baby daddy twice not paying child support or associating with his children that somehow magically were raised and supported by a billionare and a movie star/whatever?  OK.  

Heavy.  Hope this isn’t offensive, or isn’t seen by anyone who would be offended.  It’s just a personal response to something in the news.

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