Hair decision

After months of limbo I decided to cut off my dyed ends and have short silver hair.  The plan to remove the dye with products had not happened and wasn’t going to happen.  They say the perfect is the enemy of the good.  For me, standards are the enemy of anything.

I cut off three to six inches.  I still have longish hair.  The front is silverbut the rest is brown.  I could have saved more but I didn’t know the roots of back of my hair were brown.  I have a hair color mullet:  thirty in the back, elderly in the front.  I had hoped to just have silver hair, but . .

I‘m glad I made a decision and moved forward.  Feels better.  Finished!

Then I got it together and piled into the car with my two wheelchairs, and went to the nice park.  I’m there now, wrapped up against the wind. Breathing.


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