Woman’s lawsuit against Brad Pitt Dismissed

Texas resident Kelli Christina filed a pro se law suit against Brad Pitt. Her problem was that “fake Brad Pitts” on the internet ripped her off and lured her into an online romance. They also used the name of his Make It Right Foundation as part of the scam. Brad Pitt said he and his foundation never communicated with Ms. Christina and had nothing to do with this. The case received plenty of media attention.

I was a reporter. I looked at the court records. The suit appears to have been dismissed on October 5, 2020. The court orders dismissing the case are below.

Court order dismissing lawsuit against Brad Pitt
Court order dismissing lawsuit against
the Make It Right Foundation

Also from the court record, an email sent from Kelli Christina to Brad Pitt’s representatives. I don’t support her case, but it seems like there is some serious Brad Pitt fraudage going on out there. Cracking down on it seems like a good idea. Or warning people. Some celebrities do that.

Kelli Christina’s email sent to
Brad Pitt’s representatives

Someone with more energy than me please do a round up of all the fake Brad Pitts out there. It could be hilarious.

According to the court record, Ms. Christina has until October 30, 2020 to file any response to the dismissal.

This is a good faith effort to report what I saw in the court record. I’m not an attorney. If I am wrong, feel free to tell me.

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