Whole Foods Italian Low Mineral Lime Water May Contain Questionable Ingredient

I’ve been enjoying Whole Foods Lemon Italian Sparkling Low Mineral Water for a while. It appears to be flavored with lemon oil, which is natural. I just tried the lime version. It tastes to me like it is flavored with citric acid. Citric acid is made in a lab. It irritates some people. This would be disappointing. Whole Foods has substituted this unnatural ingredient for citrus in foods in their salad bar many times, which is not ok. One example was using citric acid in Babaganoush [greek eggplant dip] instead of real lemon juice. Not acceptable.

I’m pretty good at picking out ingredients by taste. Unless things have changed, Lime Perrier uses lime oil for flavoring, and it tastes different than this. Lime oil is made from lime peels which aren’t expensive. They might even be a waste product from the lime juice industry. Don’t cheap out Whole Foods. Know your customer, Whole Foods. Your customer is me.

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