The Best Spice Tea

I'm located in the US. For me, the best spice tea is Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Organic Caffeine Free. I first tried the original version of this tea at The Good Earth restaurants in the 80's. The predominent notes are orange and cinnamon, but it's hard to describe how good this tea is in … Continue reading The Best Spice Tea


I knew it was wrong

Belated posts from Easter 2018: I had planned to save the rest of the marshmallow peeps for Easter Sunday. To celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour.  Unfortunately, something else happened. Like all fine foods, marshmallow peeps deserve to be accompanied by an appropriate beverage. I made Darjeeling tea, which I was also not … Continue reading I knew it was wrong

Tea: Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Darjeeling

[Yes, the same person wrote all of these posts. Go figure.] Darjeeling is the champagne of teas. It's one of the few black teas made from Camellia sinensis sinensis, usually used for green tea. Darjeeling was my favorite tea for years. I think I got Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Darjeeling at the health food store. … Continue reading Tea: Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Darjeeling