I made a batch of popover batter

Late at night, towards the end of my day I made enough batter for 18 grain free popovers.  I used  what's around.  I watered down yogurt to substitute for milk.  The counter is clean.  The dishes are soaking in the sink.  The batter is in the frig.  It's amazing.  I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Ellen’s Dogs Denounce Her

Ellen Degeneres' dogs joined the chorus of voices decrying her personality problems saying, "We were forbidden to look at her."  "She used to put us in the trunk of the car instead of letting us ride on the seats." and "Portia is being held hostage." Asked what it was like to be Ellen's animal companions, … Continue reading Ellen’s Dogs Denounce Her


Frazzled. Trying to do something and there was no one there. Frazzle zazzle. Nerves burnt. No lunch or breakfast. Someone was supposed to be there to help. Bupkas. Angering and exhausting. Someone who was reliable and kind was a royal bitch. I somewhat confronted them, which was all the situation allowed.   Other thoughts . … Continue reading Wow