Memo to America

Put your asses back in your clothes.


Worth watching: documentary about rebel radio

New Wave: Dare To Be Different seen on basic cable (MTVClassic?) This documentary tells the story of renegade radio station WLIR of New York. They were one of the first radio stations in the US to play many of the most important bands of the late twentieth century. According to Wikipedia, station personnel drove to … Continue reading Worth watching: documentary about rebel radio

The Unnameable?

Have you noticed people who seem to pronounce their names differently every time they say them? Currently, they are mostly millennials. I dealt with a Kiley/Calley/Kileen situation. I dealt with a Achiote/Selente/Selwanna.* I dealt with a name that sounded like a cat coughing up a furball. All of these people are American born. The co-workers … Continue reading The Unnameable?