Can’t quite get out of bed

Aches and pains.  Hungry, empty.  Craving some health foods that have become harder to get.  Maybe I ate things that added to the aches and pains?  No hot drink handy to start the day with.  I made a batch but it ran out yesterday.  Not that much food in the house but I want to … Continue reading Can’t quite get out of bed

Dusting, then . . .

It's so annoying.  My swiffer fell behind stuff.  It disappeared!  Mysterious @%₹%&!!!!  Was doing some cleaning.  Have a sheet hanging to dry.  Did some dusting.  Then, thing.  Taking a break.  Had some cassava chips and part of a smoothy. ीबलरिुब६८डनेैौ१२ूरतड-ॉटतपुहकपिඝ්හ්හ්හ්බ්cඩ්‍ෙවස්xෆ්ග්ව් What was that?  Just a keyboard thing.