woman working girl sitting
Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

Went to court. The judge treated me with contempt. I am stunned. She would not let me talk, would basically not answer my questions. Indirectly suggested that I be evicted, even though no one else had done so. I am stunned. She was condescending. She told me I imagined that there were five people living in the unit next to me off and on. I wish that was true. She told me I was “imagining that” unbelievable Wow. I am stunned. I am reeling. I did get a continuance and a trial but . . . God told me he would be with me. ??????? It’s lately I sometimes see signs of this but I also sometimes see . . . Wow. The person on the other side of this is a liar. But she is masterful. Everyone believes her and sympathizes with her. She is better put together. Fuck. Fuck. Trial by jury? Trial by hairstyle, more like it. May the best dressed person win. Wow. Feel reeling, feel like there is no place for me on earth. Like everyone wants me somewhere else. I wish I was too, but not like this. Fuck. Treated with total contempt. Dismissed, told I was imagining things. As if they would know. Really?

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