Went shopping. Went well but then . . . Yeah. So. And I called . . . but . . .so. I needed those root beers. Why did they make the label like that? Fucking health food monkeys.

It’s hot and muggy. Called and interrupted an important thing, but,

Hot! Muggy! Humid! Turbid. Close. Heavy. Cause when the outside cools down, the inside heats up, apparently. Sometimes.

Read social media by a writer I liked. I had guesssed she also sold pornographic pictures of herself through DM’s, but now it’s out in the open. Don’t know what to think. She encompasses a lot of worlds.

Well, I’m just here in my muggy apartment surrounded by humidity and two sugar free rootbeers. My groceries are put away. It feels potentially too exhausting and complicated to make a meal? Problem with grocery shopping.



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