Phfffffffffffpppt grrrrr

___ called up about my food order.  She mispronounced the same item they screwed up last time, costing them $30.00.  Then she started conflating two different items. And she was kind of bitchy about it. I asked for someone else to ask about that.  Good move.   She also said the store was out of all three of my  yogurt choices.  What?  And the little containers too.  Huh?  Really, send me a picture . . .

Then she said my total was some nine hundred dollars.  What?  I asked her to repeat that.  Somewhat bitchily, she then said one hundred something.  . . . Glitching and bitching.  There’s no point in complaining because it’s the time we live in.   

Every time I order groceries it takes hours or days to get over the malfunctioning.  Always anger and frustration.  Twisted in knots.

Fuck.  Really?

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