Passover foods for everyone: Matzos and toasted coconut marshmallows


Passover is a Jewish holiday happening between April 19 and April 27 in 2019. Many supermarkets in the US stock special foods for this occasion.  I’m Jewish but not religious.  I have sometimes purchased these foods for snacks.  You don’t have to be Jewish to buy these foods.  With purer ingredients, they have something to offer discerning eaters.

Matzo [pronounced mat’zah, emphasis on the first syllable] is a wheat-based flatbread with a crisp, cracker-like consistency.  Plain matzos are used for Passover, and may appear in the Jewish food section of your local supermarket.  Before I had grain allergies, I sometimes ate them as snacks.  The matzos I encountered had only white flour and water as ingredients yet were surprisingly tasty.  These may appeal to discerning people as they are salt, fat, oil, chemical and trans fat free.  They taste like water crackers  but sometimes have hints of a delicious charred taste.  For me, they went well with soft cheeses.

Unfortunately I sometimes encountered matzos that were not fresh.  Hopefully the ones you find will be.  This product has no preservatives.  Once you open the cellophane bag inside the box, that batch of crackers will not keep long. Matzos come in large sheets which you can break.  Personally I’ve only seen plain matzos in stores, but online there are more choices.  Not all of these are salt, sugar or oil free if that matters to you.

Alternate spellings:  Matzo, matzoh, matzah, matza

Toasted coconut marshmallows brought in for Passover are pretty delicious.  They are likely to have purer ingredients than regular marshmallows.  Perhaps they will be fresher than other natural marshmallows as they may have been made for this holiday.

I bought Savion Coconut Marshmallows.  The label says they are made with tapioca glucose instead of the usual corn syrup.  They have a shorter list of ingredients instead of the nightmare on the Kraft Marshmallow label.  They were tasty.

I deal with grain allergies.  Unfortunately a number of tapioca products (but not all of them) have been disagreeing with me, causing me to wonder if they secretly contain rice flour.  Tapioca starch I bought at a store seemed to me to feel, smell and taste like rice flour.

Savion Coconut Marshmallows did seem to cause my allergy symptoms to act up.  Did Savion unknowingly buy an ingredient that contains grain, or are my allergies more extensive than I thought?  There’s also a chance I am reacting to a different food entirely, although it seems to be the marshmallows.  If you don’t have my food issues, this may not matter.  I don’t feel like this product contains gluten.  There’s none on the label.

I didn’t see them where I shopped, but coconut macaroons (cookies) are also traditional for Passover.

Whether you are Jewish or not, there’s no law that says you can’t try Jewish foods.  I eat ethnic groceries from other cultures all the time.

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