Having a hard time processing

the statements of a female rock star who lost her young adult son to opiate addiction recently: She did the best she could.  Sometimes you just have to detach.   She had to move on.  (All of which she did before he died).  She’s reaffirming this after his death.  She’s not going keep blaming herself, because that doesn’t “serve her.”

Maybe the problem is she was always thinking of what served her.  Now she and her partner are producing and selling their own TV channel to fans to get through the day and keep busy.  Am I missing something?

Mostly people who were raised properly do not become addicts or die of opiate addiction.  Most mothers do blame themselves, for a long time.  Most need time and a lot of help to move on from that.  Does other peoples’ suffering properly register with this woman?   Or is it rejected with self serving psycho-babble while she pivots to a new activity?  If so, that would have been a nightmare for her children.

I don’t know her, but I’ve personally seen some stuff like that.


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