Haunted by tuna melts? Some raunchy fish smell is wafting up from the apartment below me. Obviously someone has some time off. Already today I’ve smelled nail polish remover, lemon ammonia cleaner, baked goods, and heard noises of stuff being moved around. This current smell is just nasty. That occupant might be attracted to stinky stuff. Yesterday at the farmers market….damn, got anothet waft. That’s potent…anyway at the farmers market, a bag of tangerines smelled inexplicably like tunafish. Then the smell of a tuna melt seemed to be elsewhere in the farmers market. Later I discovered a smell like some kind of agricultural chemical on some passion fruits that I had purchased, which maybe got onto the tangerines. What is going on? That vendor and her supplier have something wrong with them. Weird.

To many around here don’t respond to toxic and stinky the way I do…. Insensate…

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